I'm Leaving This Blank

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Have been waiting for my bf's better quality pictures of our trip in Hongkong :) thats why i've not been updating :/

I had fun!!!! My bf's parents were so sweet to bring me to Hongkong! Somewhr I've never been to...
Even tho I was really homesick when I was there, [maybe my parents and I had this telepathy or something (because while i was away, my mum hurt her toes :( and she was in so much pain that she had to limp </3)], I still had a blast, ALL THE SHOPPING, FOOD ZOMGJIZZINMAPANTZ

I even cried before leaving home for Hongkong, so the first few pictures (below), my eyes are so swollen that it looks damn puffy.

And of cos, I din have makeup on :x

Stay tuned okay?! :D



Wednesday, April 6, 2011
I have this morbid feeling within me. at 12:57 AM

I'm leaving for Hongkong in TWO(2) days!

But I dun feel excited AT ALL.
Ever since ah ma left us, ever since ye ye left us,
I feel so attached to my family. SO ATTACHED.
I dun feel like going out often. I miss my parents, I miss everyone at home.

I feel homesick even though I'm within Singapore.
ITS really bad.

Have never told anyone about this because I feel silly about feeling this way.
Losing someone so important to me in my life caused such a huge impact on me.
I have never shown this side of me to anyone. Its like ppl may think that I'm so over my grandma's death that I'm fine, but the actual fact is, I feel so hurt deep inside :'(
 Even typing this post can make me feel so depressed that I could cry my balls out.

:'( what is happening to me?
I dont know.

I miss ah ma so much. Looking at her pictures makes me even more sad.



Sunday, April 3, 2011
Busy Bee. at 10:11 PM

Totally a different side of me. I rmbered how long I took to nail this not-so-perfect look.
4hrs?! For just a shot like this, well. I don't see myself like this eh. :/
Its a cheeky, yet quirky kind of expression thats me and the photog were trying to get. Well, all we need is PRACTICE! :D

I'm leaving for Hongkong this friday! Its my first time there!!! :D Kinda excited, but well, I'm a rather stingy person ever since I've been struggling to earn my keep. :/

Will blog about Hongkong when I'm back!! :D



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